Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“Popcorn Perfectis”

Enjoying A Great Bowl of Popcorn

Popcorn is a comfort food.

Let's face it- simple, buttery popcorn can lift a mood, put a smile on a face, fill the belly.

It's one of our simple pleasures.

Once in a while my mother will tell me she had a big bowl of popcorn for supper and I feel envious.
As a child, a special Sunday night snack for my husband was popcorn and fudge.

Why do we get such pleasure from a big bowl of popped corn?

I'll have days where I think “I need a bowl of popcorn.”

And the choice of toppings is only as limited as the imagination. I like mine with olive oil, garlic powder and sea salt. My husband is the “traditional” mounds of butter and salt. I've read about caramel, cinnamon, sugar, spices, herbs......it amazes me all the different toppings that make this magical food all the more magical.

Today, I have my all time favorite, with olive oil, garlic and sea salt. It's probably not my husband's favorite, because I really pour on the garlic powder. But I love it. Sometimes it's lemon pepper, another unusual, but delicious choice. It's always satisfying, no matter what goes on top.

Our Choice For Popping