Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Old Ladder Makes a Great Herb Drying Rack

New Use For an Old Ladder
This old ladder was too short to use for its original purpose, but too good to throw away. We decided to make an herb drying rack out of it. Chains wrapped around it and attached to the wall hold it up (the other side is screwed to the wall) in our location; however it could have hung from the ceiling from chains.

Bee Balm Drying


  1. I need to get to work drying herbs, I'm a bit behind this year. UGH.

    What do you use the bee balm for?

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  3. Thanks, dyana. Glad you are enjoying!

    Chiot's Run,
    We use the bee balm for tea. The goal is to not buy any more tea from the store and just dry everything. Works fine for me (I'm a huge chocolate mint fan), but a little harder for my husband. He likes regular tea, but he does enjoy the bee balm.

  4. Do you dry your herbs in a dark area or sun?

    1. Kim, they dry right in the kitchen, some sun on them at times throughout the day, but not much. I haven't had as much luck drying them in the dark, although I don't know why...maybe not enough air flow.